You might have heard that Tom Delay’s been indicted. You might have heard that a living giant squid was finally found and photographed. Here’s what you need to know about both stories:

The quarry was elusive, never quite getting caught despite an incredible ramp-up in scrutiny and press over the past few years. Part of the reason was the deep, murky waters it coils through and its slippery, elusive nature.

It took a lot of patience for this to finally happen, in fact, experts wondered whether it would ever happen. The subject had slipped away into the depths countless times, yet evidence of its doings were everywhere.

Even without the recently obtained proof, the creature was known to be an imposing, predatory beast whose powerful, grasping tentacles extended virtually everywhere. What made this discovery so difficult, however, was the subject’s tendency to operate so far from the light.

But not anymore - the creature has been at least partially revealed in all his slime-covered yet oddly majestic glory, allowing us to learn much more about the mysteries of his existence. It’s an exciting day in the annals of science. And politics.